Classic Attractions in St. Louis, MO

I love traveling out of the country.  To me, there’s nothing better than experiencing different cultures and world class cities.  Unfortunately, I can’t go out of the country every time I want to travel.   Or go out of the country for vacation all the time, due to expenses that come with it.  For me I try to make the most out of the places around me. Also, when I am a student in school, I am living the vida broka. Therefore, I really don’t have a ton of cash I can drop every time I want to do something.  So, one of my favorite things to do is go to St. Louis, MO with my best friend Alex.

St. Louis is an hour drive away so we always make a day trip of it.  We love driving into the city and taking a break from the rural town.  There’s no better sight than driving into the city and seeing the Arch.  We feel at home.  This is our city.  We wanted to share some of my favorite things about St. Louis.  A couple of our favorite things to do are go to Forest Park, attending a St. Louis baseball game, and visiting Soulard district. 

The main attractions in Forest Park is the St. Louis Zoo.  This FREE, yes I said free, zoo has been named Best Zoo in the nation! Not only does it fit my budget, but it’s a beautiful home to giraffes, penguins, a polar bear, lions, and so much more.  The St. Louis Zoo is by far the best zoo that I have ever visited and I am not just saying that because it's my hometown zoo. It is very well maintained as well as very clean.  There are a lot of options at the zoo. Although it is free to get in, there are extra fees like parking, train rides, the sea lion show and the children's zoo. The train ride has multiple stops and things to see around the zoo. There are also multiple options for food, drink and souvenirs.  So bring the whole family!

Also in Forest Park is the Art Museum. Now I am not usually a big art museum person.  I find art museums interesting, but usually not something I choose to do for fun.  However, The St. Louis Art Museum is a world class museum with a beautiful collection. European masters, ancient sculptures, modern artists, what a diverse collection. Did I mention that it was free? St Louis knows how to do culture.

If you’re anything like me, then you’re not a big sports fan.  You will never catch me watching football or hockey or even basketball on TV, but I have gone to Cardinal’s Baseball games since I was a little girl.  Busch Stadium is home of Major League Baseball’s St. Louis Cardinals. Where I am from, you grow up watching baseball.  The atmosphere at a Major League Baseball game is something I can't describe very well.  They are constantly showing people on the jumbotron, throwing out t-shirts, and playing music.  It doesn't feel like you're just watching a sport, there's so much more going on.  So this is perfect even for those who aren't into sports!  Alex always finds baseball tickets under $30 and the seats aren’t nosebleed.  The ticket pricing is very reasonable. Plus nothing gives you American pride other than experiencing one of baseball’s best teams surrounded by tens of thousands of screaming fans. And what’s more American than delicious fried food, beer, and baseball.

Soulard District in St. Louis is a historic French neighborhood in St. Louis, MO.  Some compare this district to New Orleans, but let's be honest New Orleans is a classic that can't be beat.  But comparing Soulard to New Orleans hopefully gives you an idea of what Soulard is all about! Soulard Market and the churches have beautiful architecture.  And like I said above, St. Louis knows how to do culture and Soulard definitely has a historic feel.  It has lots of different options as far as bars and restuarants along the streets.  A very nice neighborhood that you feel safe exploring. One thing that is very popular in Soulard is the Farmer’s Market. From gourmet cheeses and spices, organic honeys and meats, gluten free grains and hygiene products, buying has never been so fun. You will be surrounded by streams of other shoppers, and live musicians.  Excellent prices and unexpected additions from week to week.  Even exploring my own backyard I am attracted the cities and the towns with the most culture. 

There are many more things do in this beautiful city, these are just a few of our favorite things.  We are constantly finding new things to do in St. Louis.  Everyone visit St. Louis, home of the Arch, at least once! If you have any questions or want any pointers, please let me know! I would be happy to show anyone my city!

Happy Traveling! 

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